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F.A.Q. DepoDog dog poop bags

Dog poop


Is dog poo dangerous?

Neospora is a parasite in dog droppings. If a pregnant cow eats grass or drinks water that has been in contact with dog droppings, this parasite will settle in the cow and this can lead to a miscarriage. For the farmer, this also causes economic damage, because no calf also means no milk production.

How much does a dog poop each year?

A dog provides an average of 75 kilos of poo per year.
So just calculate how much poo is deposited on the street and on the grass every day in 1 municipality.
Then it is so nice that you clean up the poo of your dog.
Fortunately it is not a dirty job with the help of the DepoDog bag.

Is it allowed to throw the dog poop bag with dog poop at the compost?

Because dog waste can contain parasites, it can never be used in compost or garden waste. These remains are reused and this would mean a spread of the parasites.
The dog waste bag used must therefore be deposited with the normal waste.

Is the poop bag going to smell?

If you have used the DepoDog bag, you can use the handles to seal the bag odor-free. We even did a test where we put the used bag closed in the car. Only after 2 weeks we could smell something.
We like to do these kinds of tests to convince our customers of the usefulness of the handles on the DepoDog bag.

Is the bag big enough, I have a big dog

The bag has a large size without being too big. A too large bag wants to swab and slip off the hand. Also the material is extra thick so that the bag can not get rid of the hand.

Is cleaning up dog poop not dirty job?

The first time you clean up your dog's poo it is something you probably do not like at all. Maybe the second time too.
After a while it is quite normal but it has to be the droppings of your own dog. It is similar to changing the diaper of your child, you are not dirty of your own child.
Of course it helps when you uses a thick bag with handles; the DepoDog bag.
Thanks to the extra thick quality you will feel almost nothing during cleaning up.
So is it dirty job? No.

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