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Degradable red dog poo bags 1000 pcs. DepoDog

(Item no.: 7600-1000)
€ 65,00*
Price per 1000 dog poop bags
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Degradable Dog Waste Bags 1000 pcs. DepoDog

Now also at DepoDog; 100% degradable dog waste bags.

Dog Poop cleaning has fortunately become normal. And this is certainly noticeable on the clean streets. We owe those beautiful streets to you; the dog owner. Because yes, your dog has to poop about 3 times a day. And that dog droppings do not lie anymore waiting for the shoe soles of a playing child or ignorant passerby. No, the poo is cleaned up by you. But you want to use an extra thick bag. And preferably with handles.

Advantages DepoDog poop bags

- Extra thick
- Opaque
- Good dimensions
- Can be used with one hand, the dog therefore remains on a leash.
- Degradable
- Thanks to the handles airtight and odor-free close

How do you use DepoDog poop bags?

The dog owner uses it eco-friendly pouch as a kind of glove and collects the droppings. Thanks to the handles, the pouch can be closed easily and odor-free and placed in the waste bin.


Size roll is 20 cm. long and 9 cm high.
Size bag is 19.5 cm wide and 30 cm long (excluding handles)

On behalf of your neighbours, thanks for cleaning up ..



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€ 65,00 *
Price per 1000 dog poop bags
Quantity: Order

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Truus Gerwig - 12-08-2023 21:47

Ik heb nu de rode poep zakjes gekozen,
zijn ook geweldig. Dank vood xe snelle levering

John - 04-01-2023 19:46

Al 3e bestelling van Depodog porpzakjes
Goede kwaliteit

Herman - 10-10-2022 16:13

Gebruik al 20 jaar de grijze DepoDog hondenpoepzakjes naar volle tevredenheid.
Hebben nu voor de eerste keer de Afbreekbare versie gekocht.

Zwaantje - 04-09-2022 18:56

Heb nu 3 jaar deze depodog zakjes, maar de kwaliteit gaat achteruit, de zakjes waren eerst erg stevig en nu lijken het wel ballonzakjes

Jolanda - 21-08-2022 10:46

Hele fijne zakjes stevig en makkelijk te openen.

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