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Poop scoop or poop bag DepoDog?

Every dog ​​owner had to get used to clearing the dog poop the first time. And maybe the second time too. Some would prefer a poop shovel to clean up the dog poop. For every means there are pros and cons to call.

Poop bags

So you 'feel' nothing when you use a dog poop scoop while you walk the whole route with a grab or scoop. In addition, the poop scoop can also get dirty. The dog poop bag may be too small for your hands or the dog poop of your big dog. And yes, you sometimes feel quite something. Some dog owners also do 2 dog poop bags over each other before cleaning. 

Advantages of dog poop bag

- Extra thick
- Opaque
- Good dimensions
- Can be used with 1 hand, the dog therefore remains on a leash.
- Degradable
- Thanks to the handles airtight and odor-free close

Poop shovel or not,

whether you prefer to use a dog poop scoop or poop bag, you can decide for yourself. You clean up! And that's what it's all about.

Your neighbours, thank you for cleaning up.
Team DepoDog


DepoDog, you'll never walk alone.

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